Journalism: Raging Bull or just a sleep deprived child?

Arnab Goswami may not want to know but the nation still wants to know that the real journalism is more than television. Watching Arnab Goswami on television is like celebrating chaos. It sometimes renders me both deaf and dumb. I wonder if television anchoring is the ultimate form of journalism. Misconceptions about journalism are too many to handle at a time. People are generally glued to this stream because of the attached quick fame and glamour. The realization part comes later when they finally meet someone original. And that’s where the real conflict starts.

Our story doesn’t ponder deep into the intellectual conflicts as you may find that there aren’t any. I mean really intellectual conflicts only start if two intellectuals argue over some sane matter. But the recent incident over Mr. Vaidik isn’t really a glorified intellectual conflict as the television anchor and Mr. Vaidik doesn’t qualify to that level. But the lust for English journalism is slowly eating up the entire media. Needless to say that our Hindi media has already given up the fight in the last decade but its survival is still important to keep a check.

The very basic rule of journalism is to just pin point the details of the information without taking any sides. This very basic rule creates an open platform for public to form an unbiased but informed opinion about the concerned matter. Moreover, it opens a channel for discussions and thus paving way for quick resolution. But when you are struck by stardom, you are bound to make biased news. This page 3 style anchoring has been renowned for quite sometime now and is redefining journalism bit by bit. Everything is on sale now. The corporate culture is inevitable. And what comes with the package is a great deal of fake news. The information is in fact the only by-product of journalism which is at stake here.

The modern style of journalism is similar to a debate gone wrong. People often debate but always end up in a debacle. But unfortunately this is now what is redefining the brainstorming on national television. I understand that Mr. Vaidik has a Hindu aura associated with him and speaking for him is like inviting snake to bite. But the thing that needs to be understood here is that redefining journalism with an authoritative commentary isn’t really a sign of good journalism. It’s simply journalism gone wrong.