Cannibalism and the aftermath

Sometimes average intellect in the select class of this very fine country makes copious vulnerability for denying the right for full intellectualism. And often they are regarded as pseudo-intellectuals. Sadly, they belong to a verge from where they can no longer return. I happen to belong to that class. What I always do wrong is to draw analogies of the precarious issues like for instance, Nithari Serial Murders and a short story written in 1984 under the name of The Midnight Meat Train by Clive Barker.

That gruesome incident kept me in shock for years. The disgust intensified due to the fact that I used to live nearby Noida. Ironically, we believe only in the ongoing media investigations and in the absence of media and attention, we generally behave in the most deceased way. The incidence about 15 missing children and later recovered only in parts in the bags of polythene inside the drains of the two accused residence only struck my conscious when I sat to watch a movie on the television again, The Midnight Meat Train. This is not a review as many of us long know about the movie. But the plot of the movie reminds us how a secret ritual is supported and carried forward in silence. The plot unfolds the vicious circle of the sacrifice of passengers boarding the last train in the subway. The last train was allowed to switch the route to an abandoned station where a bunch of cannibal creatures were fed the meat of passengers. It was shown as the ongoing sacrifice that we as civilized humans have to make for centuries to keep everything in business. The local authorities were actually helping in it. However, the movie ends up depicting the lead actor (the photographer) who was early a vegan transformed psychologically into a meat lover after the frequent encounters with the killer and eventually continuing the sacrifice.

My analogy may be vague with the context but what we are doing to let the accused go scot-free is not at all amusing. The main culprit is still free and who knows what he may be doing for his survival till date.