Whether to be a HINDU or not?

Why is it an offense to the intellectual class of modern India to be recognized as HINDU? Does the word refer to any religion? Is the word directly relating us to the Aryans and their scripts? The simple and scientific answer would be a big NO. Most of us do know this fact but for many it needs to be clarified.

The word HINDU comes from a sanskrit word SINDHU used to refer the people of Indus Valley civilization. SINDHU is actually the name of the river Indus. Frankly speaking, I do not know that whether I’m a HINDU, ARYAN, or a mixed breed. So when I’m called a HINDU, I would be more happy as I’m being linked to the most ancient and yet scientifically advanced civilization. But when I’m called an ARYAN, I would be a little disappointed as I belong to the violent class of people who uprooted the entire Indus Valley civilization. Therefore I would be pretty satisfied if I belong to some mixed breed. But as far as my knowledge of my ancestors goes, I belong to east India who generally have skulls similar to Mongoloids. And so the biggest dilemma to me is – What am I? I do not have an answer to that question and believe only Anthropologist and Archaeologists can suffice my anxiety.

Now, we have a situation where we claim that we can bring all the people of the entire nation under one roof and be called as HINDUS. Ironically, it happened during the British rule that out of confusion we all were referred to as HINDUS. The people accepted it gleefully then but now we have a problem. Why? It is because that we (the modern and intellectual people) know that it belongs to a name of a particular religion. Amusingly, HINDUISM was never a religion. Even the scripts of ARYANS such as Vedas, Puranas, and Upnishads do not classify us as HINDUS. The only word used in those scripts were ARYAN or SANATAN. But we have given the liberty to the west to categorize us as HINDUS and relate the ARYAN scriptures to all of us. Now, are we the victims of west or just a bunch of fools who do not want to know about our own history? I do not know. It all depends on your interpretations. You can choose either of the two explanations.